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Thread: What are you listening to - or watching?

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    Junior Member Zuefeldt Design's Avatar
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    October 29, 2017
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    What are you listening to - or watching?

    I wanted to piggyback off of the long running thread What Are You Listening To? and ask the question, what AEC/ BIM industry related content are you listening to?

    Any podcasts or YouTube channels or content on other media platforms out there that you think are just fantastic and would like to share?

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    Moderator cellophane's Avatar
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    August 9, 2011
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    12:44 PM
    in no particular order:

    Simply Complex
    BIM Thoughts
    Life of an Architect
    99% Invisible
    Future Tense (not quite as design related, but still interesting)
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    BIM Broadcast on YouTube is also BIM related:
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    I've been binging on The Expanse. Holy cow that's a great show. It's the easily the most "hard sci-fi" show that's ever been done, IMO. It's set in the future but there are no magical technologies or hand-waving to get around the basic realities of space travel and space habitation.
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    I'm following (If I can or have the time) a series of free DYNAMO tutorials which I've found very neat and useful, please follow the link if you want to know of what I'm talking about!
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