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Thread: Managing BIM modelers

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    Managing BIM modelers

    Hello. I'd like to find out if anyone has any good tips on managing people.
    If the company gets BIM modelers from another drafting company. And since these people are only here for a short period of time, their working attitude is to do only what they are told, and nothing extra. Sometimes even lesser...the work done are not reliable, and ended up I have to constantly check and nag at them.
    Even if we change modeler to internal employees, these people also work in the company for quite a long time, and they are just waiting for they will take their time to do the work..
    Is there any good solution to this? Thanks.

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    Managing BIM modelers

    Hire good people, motivate them to do good work, pay them well. If they stop performing find out why and address the issue or let them go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMcDowellJr View Post
    .... hire good people, motivate them, pay them well!!.....
    That's the key!!
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    I left a previous employer for these very reasons. I didnt want to leave as the projects were amazing, however the company just didn't want to invest in doing things properly, thinking they could just make more money by just throwing more and more cheap overseas labour at the problem - hint, it doesn't work - as a result they constantly deal with major issues during construction. Major as in (one example) already built 20 storey fire stairs that are non-compliant.
    Since I moved employer just on a year ago, 3 others from my old employer have come over as well

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