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Thread: Bluebeam 2018 is a ****show

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    Quote Originally Posted by cellophane View Post
    Have you ever submitted any of this as bug reports? In my experience their support / bug report intake has always been great. They also have a fairly extensive beta program.
    My experience is that sort of thing is good for those really weird/unique situational bugs that can go undiscovered until the right situation comes along. 2018 is waaaaayy beyond that... the situation here is open the program, actually USE it for a few days, and you will come across tons of issues.

    The major problem with software like this, and Revit actually has the same developer problem - it's that the developers don't actually use their own software in the same capacity as their customers. Because if they did, they would have never released 2018 in the shape it was in.

    2017 had it's own mess of problems, but it wasn't this bad.

    Regarding the UI, previous versions sucked and the new version sucks. At least with the previous version, you could easily distinguish between tool icons... but 2018 is just an industry fashion trend of UI obfuscation where the developers try to make software as difficult to use as possible. UI design has been going the wrong direction for a number of years now.

    Not specific to 2018, but my biggest "feature" beef with Revu is the inability to have two (or more) studio session documents open simultaneously with full application tool bars for both (you can do it in non-studio sessions, but it's not easy that way either). The way Revu does multiple windows with just a document window for the second doc makes you jump back and forth is completely INSANELY STUPID. It makes working between two document windows a freaking nightmare. The developers have their heads so far up their own asses on this that I just write them off as imbeciles. (and yes, this I did mention as a feedback request with Bluebeam, and while the guy was nice enough, he was oblivious).
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    2018 UI is horrible, I agree. Like already mentioned, every icon looks too much like the next one. The subtle changes in how the sidebars work can be pretty disastrous too.

    I don't mind UI and interface changes and I always give myself time to adjust but I can't get into this version at all. I also found a bug in 2018.3 so we had to uninstall and go back to the first release of 2018. Basically, when you minimize and restore, the entire program increases the Window slightly. Do it fast - minimize and restore - in sequence a few times and you'll see it grow. It eventually grows larger than your monitor, forcing you to resize the window every time. Tech Support said go to a previous install until they figure it out.

    And who says it's $300? Man I wish... it's like $500 with subscription now and that's for Standard. Still better than anything else but goodness....


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    I thought it was just me having issues. Good to hear I'm not alone! Is anyone else having issues with new/revised markups not saving?

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    Wow didn't realize all of this with newer versions of Bluebeam... I guess I am glad we are still rocking 2016.1 then!!! However I do miss the BB plugin in for Revit 2018, 2019,...

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