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Thread: Revit and VR - modelling int spaces

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    Revit and VR - modelling int spaces

    We're experimenting with my Revit model in VR and it's a pretty amazing experience and there's a lot of potential w/ clients etc. There is one issue I have and because the technology / process is still relatively new, it's hard to figure out / search for answers. If anyone has ideas, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Some families don't show and Iím not sure why.

    • Examples:

      • bathroom counter, stalls, showers: yes
      • Lockers, bench, steel case furniture: no

    Iím not sure if itís how the families were built or a setting in the VR etc. Iíll do some trial and error testing today, but if anyone has suggestions that would be awesome.


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    Make sure that they're visible in 3D and the LOD is coordinated correctly

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