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Thread: EIR, PxP, BEP then a spoon of MIDP with TIDP for good measure

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    EIR, PxP, BEP then a spoon of MIDP with TIDP for good measure

    Dear All

    Just been completing a massaive study of getting BIM off the ground and running. I wonder if anyone has written a basic list of the order of play regarding all the Forms and Schedules and checks one would have to run through before even starting a BIM Project. I was going to put together a Time Line with all the forms and then its settled. This would be a medium to large project. I guess this is not going to be an Acronym free exersize , but can anyone help break this down for me please?
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    First off, welcome to the forum Strangeness.

    Avatar says Hong Kong, but your OP's subject line suggests a UK-approach leaning? If correct, allow me to presume...

    You've powered through all the "pillars" yes? It's all fairly clear cut if you make your way through the documents one by one, page by page, and keep a running tally score (of references) as you go...

    After that, a timeline is a fine way to approach it - at first - if you've the luxury to work in linear fashion - but as the diagrams prove, nothing is linear, and you will end up leaning more toward a logic tree than a GANTT (i.e. "if yes/no go here/do this" rather than "once you've done this, do this" etc)

    That said, I recently transposed the dPOW into an .mpp (more to refresh/hone my talents with MS Project than anything else) and found it quite useful to overlay some of the core requirements (actions, deliverables, etc) from an exemplar take on "Level 2" - not that's ever our goal.

    Ultimately, the "mapping" is fairly easy. I recommend taking a big fat black redaction tool to the documents and obliterating every "note" and legalese offshoot - they condense to about a 10th their size.

    The bigger challenge, is actually creating the templates for the documents/checklists/questionaires you are actually required to make. That's the real struggle. And the real FU by those who read these "rules" - because, unlike the dPOW, they've created a whole world of bureaucracy burden, without a single proforma for anyone to use.
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