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Thread: BIM Implementation in SMEs for Civil/Structural Engineers (UK)

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    BIM Implementation in SMEs for Civil/Structural Engineers (UK)

    Hi all,

    *please let me know if this is against forum rules*

    I am hoping that some of you BIM managers, consultants, civil/structural engineers etc.. who are currently involved with implementing BIM into their organisation could help me! I'd be GREATLY appreciative.

    To the point; I am currently undertaking my final research piece for a MSc in 'BIM & Integrated design' at Salford Uni. I have set myself with exploring "BIM Implementation in small-medium enterprises for civil/structural engineers in the UK".

    I would much appreciate anyone who can spare 10-15 minutes of their time to answer eight open ended questions (attached) and return them to me at Note, anyone who participates will remain fully anonymous throughout.

    Better yet would be a short interview, so if one is willing....then please contact me

    Many thanks in advance.

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