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Thread: BIM Online courses???

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    BIM Online courses???

    Can anyone recommend a good site which has video tutorials on the collaberation side of revit? I have tried collaberating between an architects model and my structural model and find the coordination review a bit over the top. It tends to highlight too much information, for example when say the architect just moves a window, it comes up with 20 different warnings in the coordination review . I'd like to learn how to use this side of revit correctly.

    Any tips and advice would be much appreciated.


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    Craig, not sure about free online courses, there are paid ones from, Youtube is a great source of tutorial videos.

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    This is many years late, but for anyone who is looking for BIM courses still, there are plenty now:
    - LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda) has its BIM Coordinator series, which can be completed in a few weeks to a few months (60+ hours of content)
    - NTU has BIM Fundamentals and BIM Application for Engineers
    - If your company has access to Pluralsight or can reimburse you, you can also check out Revit Architecture: Core Skills

    As Ranger57 pointed out, there are also many YouTube videos out there. Not as structured, but can be handy if you have time to piece everything together.

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