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Thread: Old Forum Update

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    "OMG I killed Revit"
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    Well that's good news. I hate to completely abandon AUGI, but it's just so nice and cozy over here.

    We need a hot coco smiley. lol

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    Yes, but I don't think the Board has learned anything about honesty and transparency. I also suspect the "agreement" they hashed out was nothing more than paying what Illiac had been asking all along. It wasn't like they had gained any leverage, indeed they had their bluff called.


    dwescott - 17 December 2010 11:23 AM
    Hey David, just a suggestion….but depending on the new forum software, the CWC category really shouldn’t be viewable unless you’re logged in. There’s lots of posts in the “vent” category that may upset a few stamps. Better if they can’t see their peons revolting online.

    Good point. We will be reviewing all forum structures after the restore to vB and looking for that sort of thing most certainly.

    David Harrington
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