But work comes before taking care of a local meeting where nobody wants to speak up about issues or ask questions and look at you like your talking in another language....

Hi Michael,

The February Revit User Group has been canceled.
For 2013 we are trying to re-vamp the RUG in a way where it is truly a "User Group" where the users generate the topics and share their skills in user led presentations.
Sponsorship and Support
PacifiCAD would like to see you take the lead on the Spokane RUG. We are happy to sponsor, promote and host events either at our facility or at a chosen site and even supply the aid of our Technical Experts during Q&A or for presentations on topics generated by the group. We want to help you touch on the topics you want to learn about but can't do it without your support and input.

New RUG Steering Committee
We are looking for a new steering committee for the group to talk about and plan future meetings. If you would like to be on the steering committee, please Click Here and fill out the form with a note that you would like to join the committee.
Once we have an interested party that wants to help manage the group, we will schedule a meeting to discuss how PacifiCAD can help the committee continue the RUG.
Was wondering why I wasn't getting anymore e-mails....