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Where do I start creating Light fixture families?

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    Where do I start creating Light fixture families?


    I was going to start creating some lightfixture families. Use a lightfixture with connector and light source out of box (delivered) Remodel geometry if needed with contsraints etc..
    My biggest question is how to manage types. Should I simply create various types when model geometry is same but other data changes?

    How are other people managing there fixture families?

    I would also be creating parameters for input into a light fixture schedule. Being that every manufacturer varies I want to create a standard set of families and types to start with and update per project when we actually know what the fixtures will be.

    And on top of this I wonder about the use of creating a catalouge for light fixtures. Would this be a useful thing for lightfixtures?
    I do not know hot to create one but know of them. Any insights are very much appreciated. I have a small time frame to pull a baseline of Electrical families tags schedules etc together. With room for fine tuning later of course.



    To place a lighting fixture in a view:
    1. In the Project Browser, expand Views (all)Floor Plans, and double-click the view where you want to place the lighting fixture.
    2. Click Systems tabElectrical panel Lighting Fixture.
    3. In the type selector, select a fixture type.
    4. On the ribbon, verify that Tag on Placement is selected to automatically tag the fixture.
    5. Move the cursor over the drawing area. The lighting fixture is previewed as you move the cursor over a valid host or location in the drawing area.
    6. Click to place the lighting fixture.
    7. Click Modify.


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