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    Profiles in Sweeps

    I just stumbled across this nice feature.

    Coming from ACA, I always had to make sure my profile was inserted correctly. If it was inserted backwards, I would need to manually mirror it. It's simple, but if you are doing curbs, for instance, and you have 20 planters it gets to be a chore.

    I was doing the same thing in Revit, when I noticed the flip profile check box in the sweep properties. Now, if it's backwards, just hit the check box. Super clean and easy. It even works after the sweep is completed.

    Also, as an added bonus, you can adjust the vertical and horizontal offsets in the sweep itself. So if your curbs need to be lowered 6", just type -6" in the vertical offset and they will be lower. No need to go to an elevation view and manually move all of your sweeps.
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    Another one about Profiles: If youre working in RST this is more important than in architecture, but: The Profile (even though it isnt the actual 3d geometry) has a "Profil Usage" field in the Family Category and Settings dialogue. If its not set correctly, the geometry wont join to other like-category'd items. Its weird that a 2D definition of a sketch controls the category (but not really) of the modeled sweep, but it does!
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      Good point. I didn't realize that. I hope my profiles are all okay! lol


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