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Video Card Problem

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    Video Card Problem

    I recently bought a Dell Precision M6600 laptop/workstation. It has a Nvidia Quadro 4000M video card. I was led to believe that this card was recommended by Autodesk.

    However, when I go into the "graphic" options in Revit, I'm getting the familiar message:

    The installed video card 'NVIDIA Quadro 4000M' has not been tested with Revit.You may continue to use Hardware Acceleration.
    If you experience graphics display issues, you should:
    - Turn off Hardware Acceleration

    Can anyone shed some light as to why I'm getting this message?


    Hi nealmac, there's really nothing to shed light on. Even though it was "tested", it may not have been added to Revit's internal "check", or the system tested may have been using a different driver. Are you having graphic display issues? If not, then continue to use Hardware Acceleration and you're in luck that it works well. If you are having issues, you can either turn off HWA, or we can try to help you come up with a fix (and/or you should contact Autodesk support).


      Cheers, mate.

      No I'm not having any problems. I've downloaded the latest drivers, I'm using hardware acceleration and I'm not having the "seeing windows through walls" issue.


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