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[All Verticals] - Translate all Revit Text or labels in the projects

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    [All Verticals] - Translate all Revit Text or labels in the projects

    Applies to: - All Verticals

    New Feature / Problem:
    This is a problem... In Revit I use area plans and schedules all the time... however there are some things that can't be translated in Greek... this is very annoying and I guess easy for Adesk to change.
    For example : I can't translate Area Type... "Building Common Area" means nothing in Greek, German, Spanish, Italian... As "Entos Domisis" means nothing in English.

    The same happens in schedules... The Footer can be "Walls", but not "Toixoi"

    Why do you need this Feature / Why is it a Problem:
    It is really silly to have 2-3 english words in a Greek schedule...
    Also, it is a matter of respect to foreign customers... it is not a 200$ software... we deserve to have the schedules in our language...

    Now, I have to use a new param or comments to rename the Area type... But I can do nothing for the footer or header of schedules.

    The ability to create Schedules is the basic element that can separate BIM from CAD so you can understand that they are used in every project.

    Better presentation tools

    Attachment comments:
    Revit Architecture - 3ds MAX Design - Octane Render - and many working hours...

    As for the Area Type: You are correct, can't change this. But I use a custom parameter for this and have no need to show for the OOTB Types in my schedule.

    As for the Schedules:
    Schedule Headers are customizable by double clicking on them in the Schedule View. Now you can replace any text you want.
    Headers inside the schedule (when you select the Header checkbox in the Sorting Dialog) refer to the sorting parameter and it's contents. So if you sort by Wall, it will show Wall1, Wall2, etc. If you sort by a Wall, but named all the Wall types Toixoi, the header will show Toixoi1, Toixoi2, etc.

    In a Area Schedule, using a custom Area Type parameter will therefor also change the Header / Footer.

    The only thing that can't be edited/worked around is the line "Grand Total" when you select the calculation of Grand Totals.

    I once had a lengthy discussion with a European Autodesk guy about this. He told me that it wasn't as much a problem in the naming of things but it was a problem with the actual calculation. The calculation rules and types are derived from some american way of calculating. Making Greek, or in my case Dutch, translations could in a weird legal way, also mean that there would be the duty to make the calculation rules from Greece (or the Netherlands) available. This was a task Autodesk neither wanted nor felt fit to accomplish. And I can't blame him. The Dutch rulebook about calculating areas in a building is about 200 pages full with weird and tricky exceptions. I am actually working on this right now for a third party and it's tough to incorporate.

    I guess this is a request, however understandable, that won't be honoured for a long time, if ever.
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      Thank you for such a detailed answer... As you can see I voted "Would be nice" and this is a bit strange because usually the wishes are ment to be "Very important" at least... I understand this is not easy, and of course not a priority for Adesk.
      Revit Architecture - 3ds MAX Design - Octane Render - and many working hours...


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