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Inserting families

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    Inserting families

    Hey all

    Ive started to use revit very recently and am having problems with families. I'll give you an example

    When inserting a family into the model, I worked out that I need to 'load' the family first. Then go to the project browser, find the item and do 'create instance'

    However not all folders that are on my RAC2011 folder(where I think all families are stored?) appear in my project browser.. meaning that I cant create an instance

    What should I do?


    The project browser will only show families loaded into the project. It has no relationship to your family library (families stored in folders either on your computer or on your company's networked drive). For each family that you want to use in a project, you'll have to first load that family into the project. Either open the family you want to load, and then click the Load into Family button, or from the project, go to the Insert tab and click the Load Family button, then navigate to the folder with the family you want to load.

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      Hi Nash,

      Welcome to the forum.

      As Ross has noted, the project browser only shows those families which are currently loaded in the project.

      Each individual company will most likely have a different way of categorizing the various families they have stored on their hard drive. For me, I have my data stored in a library I have created which has sub folders for each category of family types. Doors (Internal and External in separate folders), Windows (Sub folders for opening type and material), Casework, Fixtures and fittings etc etc.

      Once you have settled on a library arrangement which suits you, I would suggest having a look at the thread on Family Browser which is an add on created by Phillip Miller of Kiwi Codes. It is a sensational app which saves a HUGE amount of time. You can find the thread here
      Ian Kidston


        In addition to the previous posts, don't forget that even though a family is in a folder named "Specialty Equipment" (for example) it may actually be a "Generic Model" category so will appear under the "Generic Model" branch in the Project Browser!


          Thanks a lot everyone! You've been really helpful!


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