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Problem with switching between the menu bar options

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    Problem with switching between the menu bar options

    i am having a problem in my Revit Architecture 2012.i am using a laptop having specification of W7 64 Bit,4GB RAM,i5,3MB cache ,1GB video card. i am working in small projects only. screen resolution is problem is ,menu bar is working really slow,if i start to draw a wall,the menu bar in not automatically switching to wall modify tab(it happens for door,windows etc..also), i have to wait a long time to for that.for example if i want to switch from wall to window menu it also taking a long time(it happens for keyboard entry also).it is taking a long time for switching from one option to another ,but i can work in the working area in normal speed without any problem.if you have any suggestion to solve this problem please help me.

    Are you using "Windows Aero Theme" if so turn it off and see how you go. Just a thought.
    Mark Balsom

    If it ain't broke, fix it till it is.


      Go to Option > graphics tab> use hardware acceleration.
      if it is on, click it off.
      then close project, then open project.
      Laptops often don't handle this being on.
      even with a 1Gb drive.
      Motorbike riding is one long bezier curve


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