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[06/2011] - Modeling tools

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    [06/2011] - Modeling tools

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    New Feature / Problem:
    New generic modeling tools... Masses and parametric objects are not enough...Nice to have them for parametric objects but it would be better to have a set of primitives like MAX... or a mesh generator with subobjects (vertices, edges, faces) that we can work with...
    This way, the site tools will be improved, and the families will no longer be a dwg file inside Revit...
    That said, import/export options should be really improved. I can't believe that we don't have the ability to use millions of free obj or 3ds files for our scenes... I really can't understand why dgn is so important and obj and 3ds aren't.

    Why do you need this Feature / Why is it a Problem:
    No need to descibe when and why we need site tools that work, or even generic modeling tools... It is obvious...

    As for the import/export options, I guess we are all jealous of other modeling apps... that can use what ever exists over the Internet. We all know that Adesk wants to sell MAX too but this is not fair!!!

    When I need site tools, I sometimes use topo surface combinded with floors and ramps but this is not what I really want and the result is not as good as it should... or as good as the client wants.

    When I need generic modeling tools, I simply can't do what I want! I will have to use MAX or Moi3d and export to whatever possible and then insert the "dead" object in Revit... which of course remains "dead" because importing in Revit means to just place the object... can't do anything with it...

    Better modeling tools and import/export tools means
    1. Better results, better models
    2. Less $$$ to spend for other apps...
    3. More happy customers.

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    Revit Architecture - 3ds MAX Design - Octane Render - and many working hours...

    Ok can we cut this up in two posts?
    Because the site tools should definately be better.
    I vote for a way to be able to import dwg site plans and being able to automatically place surface points on the ends of dwg-lines. Add the z-coordinate in a schedule and a surface is created.
    Also, I would like to be able to create subregions more easily (edit surface, select surface points or lines which you want to create a new subregion from, right mouse click and create subregion).

    But importing 3ds objects? Please do NOT make that possible. It's hard enough to keep out all the 3d dwg junk out, without having to deal with the 3ds-junk also.

    So what to vote?
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      The reason I didn't make two posts, is that site tools should work mostly like meshes or solids... There is a recent post about fencing a topo surface... You can't imagine how easy this is in MAX... Free plugins do that but even a "object paint" command inside max can do this...
      When I say 3d objects I mean mostly 3ds and obj... maybe 3dm...When I say import 3d objects I mean import, translate and use them, at least basic things... See attached image, where do you think you can show this 3d dwg imported in Revit? This is useless... still Revit imports 3d dwg... but what is the use if it is so ugly and you can do nothing to change it...
      Think also about export... FBX is good but there is no options when using FBX with Revit... in MAX there are many options... how to separate objects, by layer, by material, etc... so you can import in the 3rd party apps like standalone renderers.
      I would like to be able to finish the scene in Revit... use 3ds or obj trees, with UV mapping ready to be exported so that I can go on with Maxwell.... or Octane GPU renderer that can only read obj files... or any other app...
      This can't easily happen because Adesk sells MAX... but I have got to ask for this...
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      Revit Architecture - 3ds MAX Design - Octane Render - and many working hours...


        Well the modelling tools for sitework are in desperate need of improvement. Either that, or remove them from the software. Do it right, or don't do it at all... I agree that a good solution would be to make this more like the mass modeler Or, give the opportunity to place by face as you can place walls or floors by face. Don't mind modelling my site as a mass using AC's. s a matter of fact, I have done this a few times and applied a grass textured floor to it.

        But the import-/ export is a different question in my book (so it should be on a different post)
        Also, to be honest, I don't think it will ever work like you want it to. And that's not because of commercial reasons but because it's simply not possible. Im-/Export of file formats implies that the software has to make a translation of native elements into foreign elements. As a result there will ALWAYS be loss of functionality. Think about it, if there wasn't and all would remain the same, it wouldn't be an export but a Save As. What kind of software do you know of that is capable of doing a Save As in a different file format without losing ANY funtionality?

        All software has a different architecture. Forms are created in different ways with different rules. The fact that both Max and Revit belong to Autodesk doesn't change that. I think that even if there were a way to import files directly from Max, they wouldn't be any better or smarter then a 3d dwg (what native file format you think that car was created in? Not in Autocad!)
        Martijn de Riet
        Professional Revit Consultant | Revit API Developer
        MdR Advies
        Planta1 Revit Online Consulting


          The amount of objects available in 3DS format is quite extensive. Having to convert these to DWG then import is a pain especially if you don't have 3D Max. I use the Bentley stuff for this. It can open just about any file format (expect RVT unfortunately) then save to DWG.

          Yes why is the V7 DGN for still available as an import. The V7 format ceased to exist 10 years ago.


            Hello !
            Can you tell me where I can find Siteworks ? What is it exactly ? An application , an add-on ?



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