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Linked Models - "File Not Saved"

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    Linked Models - "File Not Saved"

    Hi All,

    I have an Architectural model & a Structural model that are linked into one another. after updating the shared coordinates they are both giving me a "File Not Saved" each time I try to Save to Central (yes this is still 2009, we are 2 weeks from 2011).

    I have been using Shared Coordinates and I had asked all users to close local files before I updated models.

    It seems that these two models are talking but stopping from completing the Shared Coords updates and then stalling, then not saving. I can salvage them by saving as a new Central, but it is slightly worrying to not able to save models.


    And Cheers for the new Forum


    Have you gone into Manage Links and hit the Save Locations button there? My understanding is that will tell the links that there location has been changed intentionally, otherwise they just go back to their old position when the project is opened the next time.


      Yes, I think this where the problem started though as I had both models open at the time. Not sure if this would be a problem.

      I eventually had to remove links and reinsert, fortunately the project had only just kicked off so I could safely relink.


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