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Very slow when saving to central.

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    Very slow when saving to central.

    Good Day guys!

    May i ask what would be the problem if it takes too long to save to central? (Almost all of us 11 people working on that file have this problem). We tried saving one at a time and still it takes 5-10mins to complete the save. The current central file size is about 68mb. we have 2 to 3 link files in that and a couple of cad files. (maybe 10 separate cad files 1mb-5mb each).

    Our workstation is a Intel Xeon ,12Gb RAM and a Quadro video card.

    Is the problem with the hardware, network or our own model?
    (btw, i tried auditing & purging all the files that we have but still the results are the same.)

    hope you can help me.



    Did you uncheck the box that says Save local file before and after syncing to central? This check box is normally a good thing unless it is just taking forever. If you can manage your saves on your own (meaning keep track of the items and views you edit and knowing when you are going to need to pull new information from other users through the central file), you can rely more on your central file to maintain the most recent project information.

    Also make sure the compact central model box is unchecked, in my experience this has never significantly reduced file size for me.

    A related topic : You can look in your Revit Options and under general, turn your worksharing update frequency all the way down to the "less frequent" end. This lessens the frequency at which the central file is accessing your copy for updated information i.e. what views/elements you might be working on so it can lock another user out from editing it.

    To your note about purging families etc, I have never found this to lessen the file size either, even though it seems counter intuitive, I think other parts of a Revit project are the culprit although I do not know what they are.


      Sounds like a network issue to me. As a test, you should open your local copy DETACHED and save it as a new central file to your computer. Swc and close it. Now open a new local copy of that model and change a bunch of stuff, Swc and see how much faster it is.


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