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    Mastering Revit Architecture Book

    Hi anyone,
    I wanna buy the book : Mastering Revit Architecture ... ( I think the latest is 2012 )

    Which book written by whom do you recommend?

    Please suggest me and where can I order?

    The Paul Aubin books have always been good. I have some of the old ACA books and one of the Revit books, although with the prevelance of the internet & forums like this I rarely look back in them.

    I would start with Amazon for shopping.
    Revit for newbies - A starting point for RFO

    BEER: Better, Efficient, Elegant, Repeatable.


      The Mastering Revit Architecture 2012 book is open on my desk now - it's an outstanding reference.

      When the 2013 version is available I will be buying that as well - in fact I usually get the Kindle version and the paper version

      Paul Abin's books I found most useful when starting with Revit.
      William Sutherland rias riba
      WS Architecture Ltd


        Here's Phil, James and Eddy's blog:
        Arch | Tech
        They are the authors and they have links to order.
        MARA is a great reference.
        If you are just learning, I like to recommend Dan Stine's.
        He's got a whole series Daniel John Stine: Books
        Dave Plumb
        BWBR Architects; St Paul, MN

        CADsplaining: When a BIM rookie tells you how you should have done something.


          I've bought both Demchak's and Aubin's book (Mastering Revit Architecture and The Aubin Academy Master Series)
          They both start from the beginning, but I think Demchak's goes a little further so I prefer it.
          Have you tried to do it with a curtain wall?

          Antoine Petitdemange
          AXE Architecture - Lyon - France -


            Hi all,

            Loads of thanks to you.
            I have stepped into learning Revit until getting a certain confidence but I wanna improve for more advanced ones ...
            that's why get your advice to buy advance books which includes the explanations for complicated designs ..

            Thanks to all again.


              You can have more than one Revit book on your shelf Nobody will complain!


                Some others to look for: As much as I like Paul's books and MARA 2012 (and will be buying both for 2013), IMHO "Introducing Revit Architecture 2012" is the BEST book for beginners and intermediate users, hands down. I also very much like Mastering Revit Structure 2010 as well. Even though it is now woefully outdated, the additional version- and discipline-neutral information and real-world tips are fabtastic.
                Matt Stachoni
                CADapult Ltd


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