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Sheet Views going haywire?

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    Sheet Views going haywire?

    I have a question regarding Sheet Views and their link to the View.

    I have a Sheet with six 3D Views on it. All six 3D Views are set to Isometric, showing some detailed 3D models of X-Ray equipment. They are all in a SE Isometric orientation, and each View on the sheet is also Pinned.

    When I open any of the 3D Views to make some edits, any manipulation of this View reflects on the Sheet. For instance, if I open the 3D View and it's in the SE Isometric View, and I use the NavCube to go to the Top View, make an edit, close the view, then on my Sheet that View is now in Plan View. I thought Pinning the Viewport locks this into place? Am I not correct in this assumption? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

    - Tannar
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    You have to use the Save Orientation and Lock View....and once you have it set you don't want to make any adjustments in that view, hence why its locked.
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      I'm going to go out on a limb and say that's standard behavior. I don't think you can pin a 3D view, although I've never tried it. Instead, I would lock and save the view (I think that's a new feature in 2012). The option should be at the bottom of the view where the scale, visual styles, etc. are.

      Then, I would crate a working 3D view for editing only. If you need to edit something in 3D, don't mess with a view that's on a sheet, mess with the working view instead.

      Damn, MP beat me to it. But I have more words in my post, so it's obviously better. Although, he does have a picture, which is worth 1,000 words. :banghead: :laugh:
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        You might also look into creating an assembly of your object. It will create views and you can adjust as needed that way too. I've only toyed with them so I don't know the specifics but it looks promising.
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          MP/DZ... that makes sense. The "working views" and "saved views" is the procedure I'll adjust to. I already do this in the Plan Views so all I needed was this confirmation to realize what I was doing.

          Also note, these are pre-existing models that we received from another reputable company so I'm not starting from scratch by any means, but more making necessary edits. What's good is most of these files are very well done so I'm actually learning a ton by seeing how these guys originally created these models.

          Thanks again! -T

          *EDIT* I would like to document this reply as post #69. hehe
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          Frampton & Associates, Inc.


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