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    Viewport Identity Data

    This is my problem. I am trying to have my View Title family display both the “View Name” and “Title on Sheet” parameters in separate labels. When I modify the “Title on Sheet” it changes the label in my title family that is set with “View Name”. There is no “Title on Sheet” parameter in the family category.

    Its like the two identity data parameters are linked but cant be different…

    Can anyone think of a way to get it to work like I have shown in the attachment.

    basically i dont want "title on sheet" to overwrite "view name"
    Attached Files
    -Alex Cunningham


    How about this approch:

    View properties "Detail nr" = T330-010
    View properties "Name On Sheet" = Curb - Gyp Board Attachment
    View Name = T330-010 Curb - Gyp Board Attachment

    In the view title, set up two labels, one that holds both the "Detail nr" and the "Name on Sheet" parameter, and one that holds only the "Name on Sheet" parameter

    Would that work ?

    Only reason that I suggest using the "Name on Sheet" is because it seems like you want the views ordered by the numbers in the Project browser... Another aproach could be used for the ordering though.
    Klaus Munkholm
    "Do. Or do not. There is no try."


      thank for the reply,

      I will test this out. I get what your saying.

      I like the way you think! :beer::beer: for you
      -Alex Cunningham


        Sadly my company dosent like the way it works... its back to putting text in the drafting view... sigh
        -Alex Cunningham


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