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Timeout Feature in Revit Flex License Server

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    Timeout Feature in Revit Flex License Server

    Has anyone had success using the timeout feature of the Revit flex license server? We are trying to implement in our office and getting some strange behavior.

    We have 17 network licenses of RST Suite and 1 license of RAC Suite, so once we got it set up, we tested on the one license of RAC before rolling out to all of our RST users.

    We opened up RAC on Workstation A and let it idle for 15 minutes until the server pulled the license back. Then we opened RAC on Workstation B to claim the license. What's strange is when we try to continue using RAC on Workstation A. Instead of getting a warning about losing the license, Workstation A is allowed to keep working - editing, saving, opening files, etc... Only when we end the Revit session on Workstation A and try to go back into it are we denied the license.

    What's stranger is that the license server log shows numerous instances of DENIED for Workstation A, even though it was allowed to continue working after losing the license. It's like the license server is denying use of the license, but the Workstation is ignoring it.

    Has anyone else experienced this behavior or know what the problem might be? Thanks.
    Scott D. Wilson, P.E.
    Principal/BIM Director
    L.A. Fuess Partners Structural Engineers
    Dallas, Texas

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