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Naming Convention - Materials

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    Naming Convention - Materials

    How should materials be named ? And what identity data should also be included in a common standard ?
    Klaus Munkholm
    "Do. Or do not. There is no try."

    Maybe based the masterformat (Division and material only) ?

    <Identifier>_<Div#>_<Division>_<Material>_<Size>_< Render Appearance>

    #RFO_04_Masonry_ConcreteBlok_200x400_RunningExpose dAggregate

    <Div#>_<Division> should then be required in (Filter Criteria > Material Class)... ?
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    Klaus Munkholm
    "Do. Or do not. There is no try."


      I think that we should Include the actual division number so that it gets listed in the same order as the MasterFormat in that case. 04_Masonry
      I dont think we should use dash for separating names
      1. naming should be uniform across the whole content style guide
      2. when naming parameters and such, dashes can be mistaken by (- subtraction) when used in formulas
      Just my 2 ¢
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      Juan Carlos Moreno
      Store Designer & Merchandising Manager
      Sisley Cosmetics


        I agree the masterformat would be a good direction for this. The OOTB detail component libaray is allready set up with this, to some extent.
        -Alex Cunningham


          Juan, the suggestions sounds great to me!

          So everywhere, a _ (underscore) will be used as a seperater, and we´ll add the Masterformat division number as a prefix to get the right ordering
          Klaus Munkholm
          "Do. Or do not. There is no try."


            At the risk of sounding like a totaly noob, is there any chance you could post the Masterformat as a sticky for those of us that don't use it on a regular basis? That way we can be sure to name everything correctly.


              I´ll include the MasterFormaet if that´s what we agree on... for now there´s a link in post #2
              Klaus Munkholm
              "Do. Or do not. There is no try."


                Ahh,my bad. I totally missed it. :thumbsup:


                  MF (the 2005 version) is totally the way to go. Ours are classified in a system of categories i made up long ago, but they dont make much sense. In our current template, im going to be going through the entire material library and redoing it, and they will be getting named per MF2005. THEN, in increasing order of Specificity (like the families). Mine (when done) will look something like:

                  042129-Brick-Standard-Running-Color 1
                  042129-Brick-Standard-Running-Color 2
                  042129-Brick-Standard-Solider-Color 1
                  042223-CMU-Split Face-10x8x16
                  042223-CMU-Split Face-12x8x16
                  042223-CMU-Split Face-6x8x16
                  042223-CMU-Split Face-8x8x16
                  042223- CMU- Standard- 10x8x16
                  042223- CMU- Standard- 10x8x16-Grouted
                  042223- CMU- Standard- 12x8x16
                  042223- CMU- Standard- 12x8x16-Grouted
                  042223- CMU- Standard- 6x8x16
                  042223- CMU- Standard- 8x8x16

                  What throws this out the window for us (but i dont mind at all) is that only the Construction Materials will get named this way. Once its a material that has an actual finish being called out in either the exterior finish legend or the interior finish legend, it then gets renamed to JUST what we would normally call the "Type Mark Value" of P-1, CPT-1, VCT-1, BRK-1, etc.

                  That way when people duplicate materials, or make new ones, we dont have to spend the time manually coordinating copied materials and Type Mark Values... We just use a Material tag that reads the name of the material.

                  A lot of our naming standards to similar things, too. Like our Millwork families dont follow our Naming system, since theyre ONLY built one way, so the naming standard isnt an issue, and the Family Name tags in the drawings.
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                    I understand that 04 is the brick division, but what does the 2129 mean?

                    Never mind. I read it wrong. Is this correct:

                    04 is masonry division
                    2129 is standard brick
                    2223 is standard CMU??

                    I didn't see those numbers in the masterformat link that Munk posted. Obviously, I haven't used these much, I'd like to learn the logistics behind it.


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