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lock nested connection component to ref plane

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    lock nested connection component to ref plane


    I am trying to create a knee brace family with an nested connection component. The problem I have is that I am not sure how to lock the component to the top ref plane as highlighted in the attached image.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    OK so... As i see it you have to edit type the connection component and the copy what you have modeled there in to knee brace family then it should be easy to lock to the reference planes. If this is not what you are looking for then just let me know..
    I see the post is quite old so you have probably figured out in the past year so just let me know how you did it
    Best Regards!


      I woulnd't say this post is that old - it is from Saturday.
      I would prefer to keep a nested connection family - I will keep look at it.



        It was a little tricky since using the align command didn't really align all the way for some reason, but I was able to lock the horiz portion of the nest to the horix ref plane by:
        1. Unlock the dimension
        2. Grab shape handle and make the shape so the horiz line of the nest is above the horiz ref plane
        3. Select the nest and click the MOVE tool. Move the nest (at a angle) from the endpoint of the sharp angle to the intersection of the nest/ref plane.
        4. Tricky part- Start align tool, select the ref plane first, then keep tabbing over the sharp angle until the endpoint is highlighted, click to select, then click again to toggle the lock.
        5. Select the dimension (will be a diff value than 75), right click and select LABEL, then <add parameter>, create the parameter and hit ok
        6. Modify the value of the parameter to be 75.

        The thing to remember is to make sure the value of the parameter to be assigned is the same value of the dimension before you assign the parameter or else you will get a "constraint not satisfied" error
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          The problem i encounter when locking the plate to the top horiz ref plane is when I change a parameter ,say Angle, I get the error messages “Constraints are not satisfied”.
          I am not sure why I get that message?



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