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    Upgrading & Content Management

    As this year is the first time that an upgrade affects more than one person in our office I'm looking for advice. Currently we have the OOTB content and custom content stored on our network and everyone is pathed to the content folders and it works well since it's only one version. With 2013 being out I'm rethinking dropping the OOTB content on the network since it will add a huge amount of content that would essentially be redundant. I haven't modified much of the OOTB content and what I have changed a lot is stored in a seperate folder (or at least I think it is ) Essentially what I'm thinking is: OOTB content on the local system. Custom content, templates and family templates on the network. I would completely overwrite everything and say screw it but I'm hesitant because I know not everyone upgrades every year :crazy: and I don't want to have to go back later to find old versions of anything if I don't have to.

    As far as custom content - Should I leave it all in 2012 and let it upgrade when I pull it in or create two seperate locations for 2012 and 2013 content? Any particular benefits to either method?
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    Nothing local.

    Seperate libraries on the network for each year. Storage space is cheap, buy more...
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      I've always been of the mind to have a seperate (custom) library location per version - even if all I ever did was copy the files across and only upgrade them when needed (although there's no reason not to now that we have the batch upgrade feature now) - mainly because with each new version came a year's worth of further learning, and a year's worth of clutter - with reference in particular to our shared parameter file.

      As for OOTB content, I've always meant to not install it locally, and have a single location on the network for it, (if only for reference/emergency as we never used any of it - not even the RPC stuff) but since workstation storage never came up as an issue I never got round to doing it, and let it install whenever I was setting up a machine - a lazy habit I shall be ridding myself of sharpish.


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