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Curved Curtain Wall Revisited

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    Curved Curtain Wall Revisited

    Interesting tip for those who want to go down the Curved Curtain Wall road again.

    1.Create a standard wall make it out of "Glazing - Curtain Wall Glazing" material (or any glass material)

    2.Draw a CurtaIn Wall with a Radius and you get a straight curtain wall with a highlighted blue line when you select the wall.

    3.Now Tab until you select just the Curtain Wall, substitute your newly made (Normal Wall Type) Curtain Wall and you will have a real Curved Curtain Wall that works as a typical curtain wall, grids, mullions etc..

    Still won't do curved mullions maybe next version??? (Do they exist in the real world ?)

    A real Curtain Wall won't bend only segment, but a normal wall will curve.
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    Mark Balsom

    If it ain't broke, fix it till it is.

    maybe next version???
    I wouldn't count on them. Anyway, I want the pdf output first.
    But the day this happens, we all have switched to catia live building. :beer:

    (Do they exist in the real world ?)
    I'm pretty sure, it can be done, but $$$$$.



      Originally posted by mark b View Post
      (Do they exist in the real world ?)
      yep, although you don't see curved extrusions much in commercial work anymore due to the cost I run into them all of the time in retail as in storefronts for mall outlet stores etc. The common curving technique in the US is called stretch forming which is the best way to get a complex aluminum extrusion into a radius with a minimum of deformation. The fabricators have the process so well developed these days that extrusions can maintain snap fits between parts which wasn't the case 10 or 15 years ago.
      I'm retired, if you don't like it, go around!


        To build on that tip...
        You can create that wall as you suggest, add a profile(s) for the horizontals and then duplicate the wall as a real curtain wall jwith empty panels and only a vertical mullion pattern.
        This is fine depending on what your end use for the model might be.. If you're looking for accurate quantities then it's probably not the best solution. If you're looking for a 'model' with curved muntins then it might be OK.


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