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Need help with challenging issues with a nested door family

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    Need help with challenging issues with a nested door family


    Just joined the forum and looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences but I am starting out by asking for a little help with a door issue I am having. I have created a door family that is a frame only and have nested in a door panel which has an adjustable door swing nested into it. Originally, I created the door panel as a generic model then changed the family type to a door. I have then created a family type parameter to change out the door panel so I can changed door panels in the 3 main frame types (this part works great).

    I am running into a few problems:
    First, for some reason I can't align the flush door panel to the outside of the frame. Everytime I try, Revit wants to break the constraints when I switch to the other panel types. I have tried rebuilding the door panel using one of the other panels thinking that it has moved but it does the same thing:banghead:
    Second, once the family is loaded into the project, if I change door types or families, the plan swing and panel does not always update correctly (too big or small). However, if you change the panel to another type or even the same type it fixes the problem??:crazy:
    Finally, I would like to tie a door panel type (type mark) to the door panel. So when you change the door from a single flush to a single flush with narrow vision, I would like for the door panel type to change from F to FNV. Here are this types: Flush (F), Flush with Vision (FV) and Flush with Narrow Vision (FNV). I can't seem to figure out the formula to make this happen. Since the panel style is an instance I am not sure how to pull of the proper data. Appears you can't use a formula on a Family type parameter.

    any help or thoughts would greatly be appreciated

    Ken Marcus
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    1. In the Standard Frame Family, The problem is the reference plane that you are constraining to, if you change the wall thickness you will notice this better. Constrain it to the face of the frame and it will always be flush no matter the thickness of the wall

    For the Type Marks, you can use a shared parameter on the panels themselves that are called Type Mark
    You have to do this for each panel type

    As for the door with sidelights, I haven't figured out how to have the frame the thickness of the wall without giving the door alignment issue
    Juan Carlos Moreno
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      thanks for the input

      So you may have notice, I setup two wall types to quickly change the wall thickness for that reason. I tried constraining to the wall face, frame face and even tried adding a ref plane, aligned to the wall face to move the door. It is strange, the Narrow Vision and Vision work fine but once I switch to Flush panel, Revit complains and tells me to remove my constraints. Then the flush panel is not in the right alignment. I have tried this several times with the exact same results in all 3 families:banghead:

      For the door panel type mark, I tried that as well. Here was the issue I ran into. Since I am nesting into a door frame, the type mark from the frame is read not the type mark from the door panel. So in the schedule, I want to be able to report both values and if I change the panel within the frame, I want have the frame type (A, B, C) mark to stay the same but have the door panel type mark change to be new panel type (FV-Flush Vision, F-Flush, FNV- Flush Narrow Vision)

      If you change a standard frame to a sidelite frame and change the type from 36" to 42" door width , you might see the other issue of the graphics not updating

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        I was playing with the family for a bit an encountered the same issues. I couldn't fix it
        One thing I did notice is the door panels should be contrained in the left or right elevation views to both reference planes not just the front
        not sure if this has anything to do with the problem though

        But in regards to the type mark
        Make the shared parameter in the door panel and name it type mark panel or something to distinguish it from the frame
        Then create an multi category tag and add the shared parameter you created to the label. This should allow you to tag the panel
        Juan Carlos Moreno
        Store Designer & Merchandising Manager
        Sisley Cosmetics


          Welcome to the forums Ken!

          Issue #1: Offset a reference plane half the thickness of the door panel (dim label to parameter formula "Thickness / 2"). Lock center of panel to that reference plane. I always try to lock to "center" reference planes. See attached. (hopefully I'm not missing the "real" issue)

          Issue #2: I had the "update" issue for a number of Revit releases. Was a reproducible "bug". I actually added a check box to my door/window families called "The Bug" that a user would check/uncheck to force the door/window to "update". However, it seemed to have disappeared in 2011 - I haven't seen it in a while. I haven't checked to see if it's gone from my "test" file or if it was something I changed in my families. FWIW, I didn't notice the issue in the attached family when I tested it.

          Issue #3: I think JCM pointed you in the right direction?

          Hope that helps!
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