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Rooms in Groups - Error

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    Rooms in Groups - Error

    We are using groups for apartment units in a multifamily housing project. We have rooms within these groups and we use the room name value to tag our units with the unit type. When trying to rename the room, we're getting a "Cooresponding group members in different groups diverge in the following respects: - different positions relative to the group origin" error. The error references the model group and the room.

    I've tried to fix groups and create new group types, but then I am unable to switch it back to the original type. I also tried deleting and replacing the room object, but I get the same error. The only fix I can come up with is to delete the 2 problematic instances of the group from the model and replace them.

    Has anyone run into this before? I've run into the same error with families causing the problem before, but never rooms.

    Are you grouping the "Room" within your unit?
    Alex Page
    RevitWorks Ltd
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