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Quick Access Toolbar - Delete defaults & Restore

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    Quick Access Toolbar - Delete defaults & Restore

    Revit 2011 has a few additional QAT settings from 2010, namely measure & section. Typically I havent used these as I prefer hotkeys, but something that is quite annoying is if you remove these 'default' QAT buttons you cant seem to get them back without resetting the entire UI Autodesk UI reset instruction here

    I can live with it, but I have a few people in the office who are getting a little frustrated :banghead:
    Any ideas? or is this just something we are stuck with for 2011 (running WU2)
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    Yeah, you are stuck with it. I always keep several. UIState.dat backups in its folder and just rename them DF UIState.dat for default, MB UIState.dat for my own settings, etc..then just rename them back to UIState.dat to change out.Then reboot.
    Mark Balsom

    If it ain't broke, fix it till it is.


      Out of curiousity, what is there customized in the UI for them that the UI rest makes them unhappy? Im just genuinely curious because ive had to pull the UIreset on a ton of machines here, and no one even notices we've done it. Is it just a QAT with a lot of stuff in it?

      (We have had to do it when the Floating Group Edit/Finish panel vanishes, and then we reset the UI and dock it in the ribbon to fix it...)
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        My solution of problem with QAT missing in different language versions of Revit here


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