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    PDF Coordination

    Hi everyone, I wanted to get other CAD Managers, IT personel, experienced or knowledgeable persons opinions on PDF Tools and the options we have in a large office. I wanted to make sure I am making the right choice for my company. We are using Revit 2009 now and migrating to 2012 in a couple months if that makes a difference.

    We need a PDF creation and modifying solution for about 25 users in our office. I prefer DWFs, but sometimes you just need to create PDFs and modify them for a multitude of reasons.

    I need a solution for; Printing, rearranging, combining, marking up and 3D printing would be great!

    My options are as follows. *Please note that I do not want to spend the $$$ on Acrobat. I would like some opinions from those who have used all 4 in an office as standard. Consider the ease of use, ease of implemenation, quality, etc. If you have any others, please let me know. I have used all of these for my previous employers, but would like some outside perspective as well.

    PDF Xchange

    Acrobat Professional.


    PS - Sorry if this is the wrong area. It seemed suitable.

    We are in a small office, so I don't know if this will help. I use CutePDF for creating, sometimes PDF Creator for batch creation of PDFs from Revit. I use PDF Xchange Viewer to view PDFs and to extract images from individual sheets. I use PDFSam to split and merge PDFs. Finally, I use GSview to convert PDFs to DXFs.

    As you can see, almost anything is possible for free. But in a big office, I'm thinking you will want an all-in-one solution that will be easy to use and manage - and my methods are neither.
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      Thanks for the input Luke. You are right. I do want something that is easy to manage and explain. Right now the only solution I have in place is a CS5 Suite that I have users remote into for use. Seeing people import images into PowerPoint slides and rearrange them then reprint a pdf from PowerPoint got us to the point of finding budget for licenses. . . Very clever of them to use that process though haha.


        Having only used Acrobat and Bluebeam, I'd rec Bluebeam. It does everying you say you want in your post, and it is really easy to learn and use. Having said that, I don't know the specifics of the cost compared to the other programs.


          Having witnessed how Acrobat handles prints from Revit last week I actually long for the low-rent solutions I used to use (CutePDF and pdfFactory) - that seemed to do all that I/we ever needed to in terms of generating collated, ordered "single file" sets (which was seldom) or "multiple file" sets....

          That said, it was such a long time ago I can't remember how the sheet-to-file names were handled - although that tended not to make much difference (IIRC) anyway since our truncated sheet numbering within Revit always needed to be batch-renamed with their associated prefixes post-print anyway.


            I like Bluebeam for just about everything. PDFSam is far superior for merging PDFs (imo) in terms of speed but the Bluebeam stapler works just fine.

            I don't like the PDF printing from Revit with BB (using the native plot dialog) but it could just be a function of Revit and not BB. The plots are fine - I don't like having to hit OK for every sheet. Again - this might be Revit and not BB.
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