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Revit Server - how many central servers can a local server serve?

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    Revit Server - how many central servers can a local server serve?

    It's relatively quiet in this forum group, but i'm hoping there are a few who can help clarify a question about the Revit Central Server (RCS) and Local Server (RLS) relationship. The relationship is described as a hub-and-spoke (star topology) system. Mesh topologies are not yet supported.

    So here is our scenario....we are attempting to setup up an RS relationship with another firm. Again, unsupported, but entirely doable. The other firms server would host the RCS and our server in one of our offices (office B) would be the local....for sake of discussion, let's call it RLS1 and the other office's central server as RCS-X. All is fine so far.

    Now....if we start up a RS project in our main office (office A) with our central server RCS-A, can our remote office B's local server RLS1 dialog with both central servers?

    My assumption with the hub & spoke system is that it cannot.

    The real world implications are that if we intend to work on shared projects both between separate firms, and also between our own firm's internal offices, we'll need to purchase additional servers and OS licenses.

    What is throwing me off however, is the existence of a Windows User Environment Variable, e.g. REVIT2011SERVER, which sets the location of the central server. Since it is a user variable, i'm inclined to believe that the pointers to the central server can be changed at will and is not dependent on the hub/spoke setup. I haven't ventured into the registry yet to see what is actually happening. But that's where it starts going over my head.....

    Hoping someone has been down this road and have some input.....

    Thanks all,
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    The same number as How much wood a woodchuck can chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

    jokes, my friend.........

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      Ha, you're right......guess my title does sound a bit like that . I had all but forgotten about that saying until Geico came out with an ad using it. Love that commercial!


        What I think you're getting at is:

        How much Revit could a Revit Server serve if a Revit Server could serve Revit?

        Seriously, any clue on how us BIM manager types can really find out how this technology works?

        I'm thinking using VMware might be a way to test things.


          The local server can only auto-sync with one central server. However, users can change the local server at their own workstation. It would require more servers but it sounds possible. Why not run multiple Revit Server networks

          For example, one of your RS networks could be for the work with the external firm (RCS-X & RLS1, RLS2) while the other RS network would require it's own servers. So, your server RCS-A would require local servers RLS3 and RLS4.

          Make sense? Anyone else tried this yet? My interest is piqued and we have been talking about doing some project-specific domains, I might see if this is possible.

          <runs off to get IT to build a couple virtual servers for testing...>
          Bruce McCallum
          Next Architecture


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