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    Exporting Images

    I think I've either found a bug, or Revit (2012) is playing tricks with me.

    If I "Save to Project as Image..." a view via right click selection, and get a view stuck nicely under Rendering in the project browser, then "Revit > Export > Images and Animation > Image" from the ribbon, I get far better outputs than doing the latter stage directly from the view.

    I'd post what I've been getting but the image files are coming out around 18-26MB - so you'll just hav to take my word for it.

    I've gone through all the settings, employing the same with each method (direct from view, and indirect via the in-project "rendering") and time and again, the line quality of the raster outputs are better when going "the long way" about it.

    Anyone else care to do a quick experiement to confirm I'm not going mad?

    Are the images you are getting exported directly from the views much smaller file size as well? It sounds like Revit is confused about the physical dimensions of the image (hence the larger file size). Is this the case? If you open both versions of a view, and do a Zoom > Actual Size [in whatever you're using to view them] are they both identical?
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      Hi Sno

      Could you post a detail of each image. Same proportion, like 1/4 x 1/4,
      should come out around 1 to 1.4 MB.


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