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More than one elbow for one piping system?

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    More than one elbow for one piping system?

    I've been wrestling with an elbow pipe fitting of my own design for weeks now. I've re-made it numerous times; tweaking it every time with another piece of advice gleaned from any hint of tutorial I've found and scrutinized & corrected numerous errors. Perhaps I’m still missing something but all I can assume is that Revit doesn’t like more than one type of elbow pipe fitting to be used in one system run.
    The elbow (attached with look up file) is to be used only on vertical drops on a Hydronic Return pipe line. The Hydronic Supply doesn’t get them.
    Am I using the incorrect family category? Should this item rather be a Pipe Accessory?
    Part Type in Category – am I using the incorrect Part Type? I will admit I don’t know an exceeding amount about pipe fittings and piping.
    Attachments –
    Pdf of what I’m after as per established AutoCAD format.
    Pipe fitting.
    Look up table for pipe fitting.
    Any advice would be most welcome. I’m out of ideas here.

    Ciao for now.
    Attached Files
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