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section tag on plan between levels

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    section tag on plan between levels

    Hello All

    I need to cut a section at the midlanding of a set of stairs to show a connection but I need to keep the section tag shown on plan. in this case my midlanding offset is referenced from the second floor. the midlanding is between the second and third floor. if i adjust my crop region to show the second floor (or any floor) the tag shows up. if i go below the floor level, the tag disappears.

    Can anyone tell me how to get around this

    Thanks in advance.
    I think I am finally getting the hang of this revit stuff.
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    I'm don't follow - but have you checked (or unchecked) Annotation Crop?
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      You need the section cut to show on the 2nd floor, correct? But you don't want the crop box of your section to extend up to the 2nd floor(in doing so, your section cut disappears)?

      I might use a "Reference Other View" section.

      If you haven't used one of these, yet, here's where to find it:

      Go ahead and set the crop box on your mid-landing section as you prefer. Take note of the name of the mid-landing section view. You can even place it on a sheet and give it a number.

      Back on your 2nd floor plan, create a new section, BUT, before you place it, look at your options bar. Check the box for "Reference other view:" ... in the drop down box, find your mid-landing section and choose it. Now, place your section cut on your plan. (Most likely, your section cut will have the word "Sim" next to it. This is because it's not the actual, live section. (I tend to leave this to make sure I remember that it's not a LIVE section, but a link to another section. If you want to get rid of it, there are other threads discussing the process.)
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