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suggested workflow for a building that is moved on a site?

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    suggested workflow for a building that is moved on a site?

    I have a project with a portable (pre-manufactured) building to be remodeled and moved on a site. I'm not sure how to manage the linked building's phases and locations in the site project. My initial non-BIM strategy is to demolish the entire building (so it disappears on the site for the New Construction phase), then copy the file and call it "building - new", un-demolish the objects to remain and add the new objects, then link the new building project in at the new location. I've got the shared coordinates and phases mapped between projects.

    I call the strategy non-BIM because the parallel building files seem to fly in the face of the program's intent. Any suggestions on a more BIMmy workflow?

    I have tried this and had a few problems also,
    I tried using 'groups' in 2009 and 2010, and there were severe problems if changes were made to either group.
    Using linked models with shared coordinates are problematic, unless you have a nested (linked) model in both one position that isn't shared.

    1. In Project 1, Set up building (model 1) in correct location.
    2. Select model 1 and make group, then convert group to link (link 1). convert link 1 to 'attachment'
    3. Open a new empty project 2 and link in link 1, set to 'attachment'
    4. Select link 1 and save shared coordinates to file.
    5. Link Project 2 (link 2) into Project 1 with shared coordinates. Save coordinates back to Project 2
    6. Move link 2 to the desired position and update shared coordinates when prompted....

    Set up your phase maps, using Project 2 to as the nest to mitigate changes. Be sure not to share coordinates between project 2 and link 1

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      Tim: Yeesh! I'll give it a go in the morning. Thanks for the tip; I'd never come up with that on my own.


        I am completely lost but tried to follow your workflow. Please review my process:

        In step 1: Is "Project 1" the site and "(model 1)" the building?
        In step 2: My building model is currently a link. grouping and converting to a link seems redundant and I am given options to make the group a new project (it already is a project) or to replace the group with another project. Neither of these seems like what I want to do, but I made the group a new project.
        In step 3: I linked "link 1" center-to-center and everything disappeared. I undid that, re-linked again origin-to-origin and everything disappeared again. I eventually found the link in 3d but can't see it in an existing or new phase plan view. Is it cancelling itself out on my screen?
        In step 4: I tried to publish coordinates to the link. Now I'm pretty sure something is wrong because the only object I can find is the original building project not the grouped and re-saved new version of the building project from step 2. I can't publish the coordinates back to it without being able to select it.

        That's as far as I could go. Do you see any mistakes in my trying to follow your directions so I can try again?


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