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creating wall & havng extension manage in the Add-Ins

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    creating wall & havng extension manage in the Add-Ins

    I hv problems in ma revit structure 2012, I need ur help
    1: any structural wall that I tried to draw it commanded to go downward if I change the constraint this is the msg that appeared "Top Constraint is invalid for the Level."
    2: how can I get extension manage in my Add-Ins tab?
    3: when I'm linking the revit architecture drawing to revit structure, it steal became as a block so how can I apply loads in the floors? (architecture building is 3 storey building)

    1. Make sure your wall type isn't marked as "Foundation". I had this happen to me the other day. In your options bar you should be able to change from "Depth" to "Height" and then have the wall go from your current level up to what ever height or level you want.
    2. It is strange but there is an "Extensions" tab and a "Add-ins" tab. Extensions seem (for me) to only have shown up after I loaded the Revit Subscription Advantage pack. Don't know what else triggers it to show up.
    3. I don't know (anyone else?) that you can add loads to elements you don't have in your model. I would suggest either drawing the floors in or using copy/monitor to add them into your model. You'll also want to be sure that the floors are marked as "structural" in their instance properties.
    Tom Whitehead
    BIM Herder & Revit Wrangler
    Portland, OR


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