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    Tag All Walls, Exterior Side Only

    If I am diligent, and in the right frame of mind, at drawing my interior partitions clockwise or counterclockwise, I can control where the "exterior side" lands when I initially lay down these partitions in the Revit model. The flip arrow is a clue that I've got the exterior side, like the double gyp side, of the wall on the flip arrow side.

    If I didn't re-orientate any of the partitions by using the flip arrow/spacebar and I tag all walls, the wall tag will attached itself to the exterior side of the wall. That's good and comforting in Revitland.

    However, as soon as I flip arrow/spacebar a wall and retag all walls again, the tag seems to remember its original orientation and ignores where the exterior side now resides.

    Any clue as to why this is? Can we have wall tags always attach themselves to the exterior side of the wall when doing Tag All? Just curious.

    2012-02-23_1351 - kirk.cox's library
    01010010011001010111011001101001011101000010000001 10100101110011001000000110010001100101011000010110 0100

    I guess this means that we should stop fliping wall all together. hahah
    -Alex Cunningham


      No. Good find though!

      The door orientation issue has the same origin. When they fix that, your issue will probably be fixed as well. Looking forward to the update features!
      There must be a better way...

      Ekko Nap
      Professional nitpicker, architect, revit consultant, etc.


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