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Creating tables in Revit MEP 2012

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    Creating tables in Revit MEP 2012

    Hi everyone,

    I am currently using a trial version of Revit MEP 2012 with the intention to purchase the full version in the upcoming months. I have a question regarding table creation.

    I recently downloaded some Mitsubichi Heat Exchanger revit models from the Mitsubichi website. I loaded the family in the project and made a simple HVAC system with the heat exanger and some diffusers.

    When I create a nomenclature table there is a bunch of parameters already preset in Revit such as Model, Family, etc..

    What I want to do is create a new parameter which I can link with data that is already in the model of the Mitsubichi Heat Exchanger, flow, dimensions, operating current, etc..

    Is my question clear//is this possible?


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    It is possible and could turn into a lengthly tread by trying to explain it here. I would recommend looking into the help files and searching out shared parameters. These are the only parameters that you can schedule.


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