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Revit Kid: Brainstew ... 3 Years and Counting!

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    Revit Kid: Brainstew ... 3 Years and Counting!

    I took a look at the blog and realized that I have not posted in quite a while. A lot longer of a break between posts than ever before I think. Well, the last month or so has been a blur. Most of you are in or have been in school for architecture or engineering and understand how it can consume your life.

    I want to apologize for the lack of posts and I hope to get some free time to post ore regularly in the coming weeks. I will say that even though I have not been posting too much I have been very busy exploring, interacting, absorbing, and teaching all things Revit and BIM related. In fact, I will be posting soon about a few events coming up that I will be attending and presenting at.

    The positive side to school and work taking over the majority of my time is the new challenges I am encountering. This semester in the masters program at the a University of Hartford applies a high concentration on urban design and planning. I think the techniques I will exploring in using Revit at this scale will a lot of fun and make for some great posts.

    Additionally, at the office, many of the Revit projects that were started when I joined the firm are moving into the construction phases. The knowledge and lack of knowledge about BIM and Revit of all the parties involved is beginning to show. It is very exciting to lend my knowledge to shape the future of these projects and, ultimately, evolve the office standards.

    I hope all the information (750+ posts) that exists on this site are still keeping you all occupied for the time being (the site traffic has not gone down so I guess it is).

    Finally, last week (February 12th) marked the third year this blog has existed. Three years! I cannot express in words what this blog has done for me. What you all have done for me by visiting the site, linking to it, commenting, emailing, and spreading the word. The blog has surpassed (more like left in the dust) 1,000,000 visits, it now has the same amount of feedburner views, and has over 1,000,000 screencast video views (that number surprises even me! If you guys only knew what I have gone through with Screencast and bandwidth!).

    When I decided to start this blog three years ago I never would have imagined it would have become what it is today.

    Here's to a bother three years of blogging, networking, discussing, meeting, and teaching with the best readers out there! I have big pans for the future and I hope you all will continue to join me on my journey.Posted by: Jeffrey A. Pinheiro, LEED AP at The Revit!

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