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Cutout visible in 3D view?

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    Cutout visible in 3D view?

    I have a cutout pattern of flowers that I want to apply to a metal curtain wall panel and would like for the pattern to be visible, just as a graphic black/white image in the 3D model.

    I am able to correctly display the image as a cutout in the material property, but it will only display when I render.

    Is it possible to do what I am wanting?

    These panels and view:

    This image:
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    If you want the image to show when not rendering you can set the view to Realistc but then all material images will show. But I don't think that is what you are asking. You want it to show up similar to a hatch pattern I think. If that is the case, you could make a custom hatch pattern for that material. Might be tedious but you could give it a try with the Hatch 22 plugin.
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      Right, I set it to realistic and the panels just show as gray metal, with no cutouts.

      I would like to see the black flowers on the panels, as they look in the above image, but with the white as transparent...hell the white could even be just white



        Would it be better to trace the pattern in CAD and then import it to Revit?


          I can't see any of the images that you are referencing...
          Chad Koscinski | Architect


            I can't see the images either
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              Also blinded...
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