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Column & Footing Rebar Graphical Schedules

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    Column & Footing Rebar Graphical Schedules


    I've been busy modelling up footings and columns for our latest project and I'm now getting close to needing to be able to extract information for construction. I've modelled the form of the columns and footings plus I've added the required reinforcement to each (straight bars, stirrups/ligatures, top and bottom bars etc)

    Producing layout drawings of the footings and columns for the builders is just fine in Revit, but I'm having troubles trying to produce graphical schedules/legends to send to suppliers and fabricators.

    What I am hoping for is to be able to show each element (concrete form and rebars) within each footing/column family, then show a diagram and quantify each component and then dimension and label. I've had a crack at creating assemblies, creating legends and creating stock schedules and none of them seem to be able to produce what I am looking for.

    I've included a couple of examples of what we usually produce in AutoCAD, see images below.

    Can anyone suggest how I create something similar within Revit please?

    Footing Column Model.jpg Footing Schedule.jpg Footing Legend.jpg Column Schedule.jpg
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