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IMPORTANT - Please read before posting.

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    IMPORTANT - Please read before posting.

    This is the "official" Revit Forum Wish List, where you can suggest new Features.

    You can suggest a new feature by clicking the "New Feature Request" button.

    How it works:
    • Express your opinion on the suggested features, by using the "Rate This Thread" button, at the top right corner of each thread.
    • Each quarter, a Poll will be created, to vote for the top 3 features, out of the current top 10 rated features.
    • The quarterly top 3 features, will be added to the "official" list, which will be sent to Autodesk at the end of each year.
    • At the end of each year, all suggested features will be moved to the archives, but you are welcome to re-submit the features that didn't make the "official" list.
    • The planning of new releases begins ~16 months before the release date. Meaning that features we send to Autodesk, say ultimo 2011, will be subject of implementation in the Revit 2014 release (April 2013). So be patient, and remember that there are no guarantees that the suggested features makes it to the software at all.
    • More info in this thread, and in particular the posts by Erik Snell and Jeff Hanson from Autodesk.
    • The Threads/Wishes are by default sorted by rating (Highest rating first), if you'd rather see them sorted by "Last Post Time", like the rest of the forum, just scroll to the bottom of the thread list, and change the settings to your preference.
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    Klaus Munkholm
    "Do. Or do not. There is no try."

    I like the new rating-setup but it's a shame we can't see what others have voted anymore...
    Last edited by Munkholm; February 14, 2012, 09:21 PM. Reason: Copied part of the post from a Wish List thread - To respond in a more appropriate place.
    Martijn de Riet
    Professional Revit Consultant | Revit API Developer
    MdR Advies
    Planta1 Revit Online Consulting


      You never could see "who" voted on "what", but I get what you mean... And at least, if you click the "Rate this Thread" and mouseover the "Current Rating" you'll see how many have voted, and what the average score/points is.

      Excellent = 5 points
      Good = 4 points
      Average = 3 Points
      Bad = 2 Points
      Terrible = 1 Points
      Klaus Munkholm
      "Do. Or do not. There is no try."


        Now Revit has an Idea Station at the Autodesk forums Revit Ideas - Autodesk Community this is probably the best way to communicate wishes to the Revit team. Could we make a Sticky announcement on the top of the Whishlist forum here to make people aware that this exists now?
        Jeff Hanson
        Sr. Subject Matter Expert
        Autodesk, Revit - User Experience


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