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    I like to enter the forum by doing a 'new posts' search, either within the forum or from the Bookmark Bar.
    When I read a thread it will automatically exclude that thread from the list visible in the forum page the next time I visit. I can't seem to locate where I can change this behaviour.
    I want to see all posts from the last few days listed with the icon greyed out (or halftoned, or whatever the forum default is for a thread I've read) not just the new posts I haven't read.
    Can you give me the syntax for my browser URL so I can get this behaviour by default? If it makes a difference I'm using Chrome as my browser.

    You can create a custom url like the below - If you need something else than the proposed 30 days, just change that value:

    Klaus Munkholm
    "Do. Or do not. There is no try."


      Thank you sir! Exactly what I was looking for.


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