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Revit 2012 Update 2 slow

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    Revit 2012 Update 2 slow

    I've been trying to update our machines with the latest update. In some of our remote offices, the update is taking FOREVER. The update exe file has been downloaded completely and is local in the office. My guess is that the update is either trying to download additional files or update files across the WAN. If I unplug the network cable and run the update, it takes the normal 60 seconds. If I don't unplug, I gave up and cancelled after 1.5 hours.

    I know the read me file mentions that content is being updated by update 2, but all of that content is local. Is it trying to update non local files? All of file paths within Revit point to files on local drives. There is nothing in the options or Revit.ini that I can see that may be pointing to non local file or drive. Our network structure is setup so that each office has a local "CAD" drive with the same letter (K: in this case). All revit settings point to K. Could there be a hidden setting somewhere that is pointing to a UNC path that may be in a different office?

    Again, if I unplug the network and run the update, its a quick, normal update.

    Any insight to this problem?

    Originally posted by mzabritski View Post

    Any insight to this problem?

    Had the same issue and resolved as follow:

    Copy the update 2 file to the local hard drive.

    Disable LAN connection

    Run Update

    Re-enable LAN

    I added the update to the deployment file but then it takes forever to finish the deployment, getting stuck on "Installing Content". I haven't waited more than 2 hours so I'm not sure if it actually finishes at some point.

    I haven't tested to see if it helps to disable the internet connection via the proxy/firewall.

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