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Buildz: Grant’s Tomb and Coffer Panels

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    Buildz: Grant’s Tomb and Coffer Panels

    Professor Jason Van Nest’s Special Studies class in the Architecture Department for New York Institute of Technology in NYC did this awesome model of Grant’s Tomb.
    ITurns out they needed a coffer dome panel.
    Way back in September of 2009 I did a little coffer dome panel experiemt and was honored to be able to contribute it to the cause.

    Along with just doing excellent modeling , the students that worked on the model needed to understand how to work together in a workset environment, not always an easy task. 
    Great job everyone:
    Samuel Blythe
    Vinny Ciaramella
    Jonathan Collado
    Brian Connor
    Labibe Drailby
    Sanjay Effs
    Miriam Hubbard
    Aaron Kirchhoff
    Steve Ricca
    Alfonso Rodriguez
    Lowell Stephans
    Ted Solages
    Mark Viggiano

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