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    Shared Key Schedules?

    We are using Key Schedules to manage Frame Types, but the reality is that Frame Type A, Aluminum Store Front could in fact be used for a door (interior classroom or office doors), or a wall (curtain wall/store front) or a window (stand-alone interior relites). And as far as I can tell the only option here is to have three Frame Key Schedules, and manually make sure Type A is the same in all. Am I right in that? Or has someone found a nifty trick for creating a single Frame Key Schedule and using it in all the appropriate places?

    EDIT: FWIW this is a good argument for Relites being door families not window families, so at least those two share Frame Types appropriately. But freestanding relites ACT like Windows, so there is then an argument to make them Window families. Also, exterior Windows are very often (in our work) made of the very same components as the storefront, and again want to share Frame Types. But the Windows are very modular and thus Window families are more appropriate, while the Storefronts are often one of a kind, sometimes span two floors, sometimes have spandrel panels, etc. and are thus more appropriate as Curtain Walls. I so wish they where all just freaking families with nested frames so this wasn't so much work. THIS is why Revit right now can only be at most a 7 on the 1-10 Cad-BIM scale!

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    Originally posted by Gordon Price View Post
    ...Or has someone found a nifty trick for creating a single Frame Key Schedule and using it in all the appropriate places?...
    No, it is not possible to have shared key schedules. However, depending on your office standards, this idea might be viable:

    Doors, windows, and curtain wall objects have a Keynote parameter in their type properties. Usually, offices identify these objects with tags that refer to either a serial mark or a type. So this keynote parameter is rarely used to identify the door, window, or curtain wall itself. Therefore, you could have a list of all your type frames in your keynote file, (either full text or code number) and then include a keynote parameter in your door, windows and wall/curtain wall schedules. Rename the keynote's column heads as Frame Type, and then, select in the schedules the keynote value that corresponds to the type of frame of each type of door, window, or curtain wall. The same keynote value will be shared for all the three categories.
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      It would also be nice to use the same key for multiple parameters in the same family. For example: a room with Wall Finish North, Wall Finish East, Wall Finish South, and Wall Finish West; might share the same wall finish keys. Any suggestions?


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