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Curtain Panel Mullions

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    Curtain Panel Mullions

    Hi all,

    Hopefully a quick question.
    We are using a panelised wall system and we want to show the rebated joints. We though we would use curtain walls and mullions.
    What we are trying to achaieve is to show the mullion at the mitre joint, on a 45 deg angle. I cant seem to get the panel to chamfer to meet the mullion.
    The image attached is showing the mullion as a part of the panel, this does mean that we will have the "mullions" overlapping, not really an issue as we are not interested in quantity take off.
    We have also created a mullion for the internal grids, however, as per image 2, they continue through the panel and show on the external corners.

    So, how do I create a mullion family that can be pace at the mitre (45°) of curtain walls?
    If making them in the panel is the right wat to go, how do I create an internal grid mullion to not show on the external corners?

    Is there a better wat to create this wall type?
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    Andrew Harp
    BIM Manager GHD
    If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.
    If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.

    When I try a similar situation, my mullions miter. I get the similar results to yours if the wall are set to "Disallow join"


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