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    New to Revit

    Hey everyone just joined here while looking for some helpful tips on revit. Just for a little I work for a Structural Engineering firm in Oklahoma and we have recently slowly started to move into Revit with the chance of our clients switching to Revit and they are wanting us Cad Techs to start playing and introducing ourselves into Revit. I work in a Satelite office were there is only two of us drafters and we have never had any training in it what so ever.

    So to get to my point/question, I was just wondering if anyone would have some helpful tips of how we could go about and what would be the best way to get ourselves familier with Revit so that if we need to we can work in it effeciently to do a job.

    We have currently looked at it and played some but we both feel like there should be an easier way to do the things we are doing. O and we have been trying to see if we could find a Revit class to take around our local area but finding time is hard sometimes.

    Thanks in advance

    Well, first off, I believe there is a tutorial in the program's file directory. Also, Autodesk University online has a lot of classes on almost anything that Revit. Another thing, Revit isn't AutoCAD and things are very different in Revit and sometimes the program will not let you do something, but with a little bit of searching you should be able to find something.

    Also, welcome to the forums. This forum is a very good source of information and help. There are plenty of people here who are more than willing to help and really enjoy it. I suggest that you just play around with the program a little and try different things and if things don't work, search here first, then ask a question.
    Adam Hutchinson
    Engineer in Training
    Integrus Architecture, P.S.


      I am also new to Revit and can I say that I love this forum. I joined several others but they are not as quick to reply and on here you also get multiple people replying to your question with (sometimes) different ideas.

      I have posted a few ( ) questions on here. Some of them were pretty basic. So you could look at what I posted and it might help you with some of the basic items.

      One point - start off simple, with using items OTB first and then as you go you can customize if you want to. I think my problem is, is that I want mine to look just like our cad drawings look and that is very hard to do in Revit.

      Good luck - and have plenty of Advil on hand!
      (OMG - this is my first reply to someone else's post - WooHoo!)
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      Yep - It's me Again, and Again, and Again.......


        Welcome to the forum , i love also this forum i consider it is one of the best in revit field.


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