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Sanitary piping network not picking up systems

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    Sanitary piping network not picking up systems

    Hi guys, Looking for some help regarding piping systems (predominantly sanitary).
    The problem i'm having is that I have ended up with way too many systems and i'm attempting to condense them so that I can have as few systems as possible.
    The majority of my sanitary piping is in the one continuous network of pipes yet Revit has created many individual systems, ie. my main runs and branches have different systems and I can't seem to find a way to assimilate them into the one system.

    Does anybody have a good method for removing the unnecessary systems and having the one major system cascade through to all the connected piping???

    You can go through and directly delete a system, but you can't move the equipment and piping on one system to another by this method. You could go through and move the equipment from the systems you don't want, to the system you do want. That way all of the connected piping will get transferred to the system you want.
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