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Schedule Row Height / Color Scheme Swatch Spacing

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    Schedule Row Height / Color Scheme Swatch Spacing

    I've just had a brainwave in response to a request to show departmental areas in a colour scheme in a nicer way than just plonking on a schedule... ie. hide most fo the schedule content, and overlay it on the colour scheme. I've not tested what happens to plot order - so before that reality crushes my hopes - another question.

    How do/can I :
    Adjust the schedule row height so that they "sit" within the swatches?
    Adjust the spacing between the colour scheme swatches to do the same?

    I've been through the dialogs as thoroughly as I can - but can't seem to find the "aha!" method.
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    This is going to be fiddly but you could try to play around with the font size in the schedule, that seems to be the only way to stretch the cell height, maybe test to see if you include a txt column with a few hard returns if you can introduce a blank line.

    How about sorting on the Function you illustrated and including a blank line after each function?

    You can't seem to change the spacing of the swatches, just their dimensions in the Type properties of the Legend itself.

    How about this one, this is going to be a bit more intensive with more schedule, but you could just make the above graphic with 3 different schedules set to filter Public, Commercial and Clinical and then arrange the 3 different Schedules in the 3 swatches. (Good luck keeping those coordinated though )


      just a thought.

      what about schedule only w/ "faked" conditional format for coloring purpose, i mean w/o using color scheme at all.


        We arrived at the same conclusion Bjorn did - a bit of text size adjustment and using blank lines to space them.

        But I do like your method Ning - it would mean another round of colour formatting for sure, but I'll bear it in mind should we need to do it again.


          I didn't think conditional formatting showed up on sheets. That would be useful if it did.


            right Chris, conditional format won't show up in sheets, oops.


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